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Office of Admissions
Caldwell Hall, Room 205
Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Contact our Admissions Team:

  • Apply for admission

  • Submit required documents

  • Apply for financial aid

  • Submit your commitment form

  • Schedule placement testing

  • Secure housing

  • Register for orientation

  • Meet with academic advising

  • Meet with financial aid

  • Activate your student email

  • Apply for admission

  • Submit required documents

  • Apply for financial aid

  • Submit your commitment form

  • Secure housing

  • Register for orientation

  • Meet with Transfer Coordinator

  • Meet with academic advising

  • Meet with financial aid

  • Activate your student email

  • Apply for financial aid

  • Meet with academic advising

  • Secure housing



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Financial Aid FAQs

  • Can I apply online?

    Yes. Visit uapb.edu/admissions to apply or learn more about admission requirements.

  • Is there an application fee to apply?

    Yes. A $40 fee is payable upon submitting your application. There are ways to get this fee waived. Visit uapb.edu/admissions to learn more about fee waivers.

  • When is the first day of classes?

    Fall 2024 classes will begin in mid-August.

  • How do I go about getting credit for college courses I have taken in high school or at any other college?

    First year and transfer students should have transcripts with grades for all college-level credits earned sent to the Office of Admissions. AP and CLEP scores should also be sent to the Office of Admissions. Information about college courses already taken, as well as AP and CLEP exams, should be discussed with your adviser during registration.

  • How will I know what classes to take?

    When you attend registration, you will meet one-on-one with an adviser who will assist you with course selection. You will go home with your class schedule at the end of the program.

  • When is orientation and what takes place during this program?

    Many orientations will be held throughout the Summer- both virtually and in-person. Helpful sessions are conducted to introduce you to UAPB’s academics, campus services and student life opportunities. Orientation also provides an opportunity to get to know other members of your entering class. Our student orientation leaders have designed a program to make your transition to UAPB as seamless as possible. The goal is to promote positive academic, personal and social experiences. You also will learn about our vibrant student life and how to get involved.

  • Is orientation mandatory?

    Yes. As a new student, it is important that you are introduced to the wealth of opportunities and services at UAPB so you can avail yourself of a full collegiate experience.

  • Does UAPB provide services for students with disabilities?

    Yes. For information about receiving classroom accommodations, please call (870) 575-8089 or email bumpersm@uapb.edu.

  • Should I become involved in student clubs and activities?

    Absolutely! UAPB offers a wide array of student clubs, organizations, events and activities. Getting involved is a great way to meet new people, have fun, enhance your college experience and gain invaluable leadership, organizational and communication skills. To introduce new students to our clubs and organizations, a Club and Activities Fair is scheduled at the start of each semester.

  • How do I get involved in student clubs and activities?

    At orientation, new students are introduced to our variety of student clubs and organizations. At that time, you may indicate your interest in different clubs and will be invited to attend club meetings. In addition, a Club and Activities Fair is held early in the fall semester to introduce new students to all of our clubs. You may also learn about club meetings and activities as they are posted on flat screen monitors located throughout our campus. The professional staff in our Office of Student Involvement and Leadership stand ready to answer any questions you may have about student activities, how to get involved and how to start a new club.

  • What is the UAPB FAFSA School Code?


  • When must I declare a major?

    Students must declare a major upon entering the University. However, you can change this major if another program of study becomes more appealing.

  • Is the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory?

    Whereas students are encouraged to follow all of the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which includes receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, it is not mandatory.

  • When will I receive my UAPB email account?

    As soon as you register for classes, you will have access to your college email account through the myUAPB portal. Instructions will be provided to incoming students on registration day.

  • Can I access my student information online?

    Yes. Once you have registered for classes, you may log onto the UAPB website to access your student information. You will learn how to do this at registration and orientation. After registration, you should check your UAPB email regularly.

  • Helpful Telephone Numbers:

    Recruitment 870-575-8960

    Admissions 870-575-8492

    LIONS Program 870-575-8362

    Campus Safety 870-575-8102

    Campus Infirmary 870-575-7106

    Student Success Center 870-575-8368

    Office of Financial Aid 870-575-8302

    Honors Program 870-575-8775

    Basic Academic Services 870-575-8356

    Registrar’s Office 870-575-8491

    Dean of Students’ Office 870-575-8361

    Student Housing 870-575-8080