Campus Traditions

The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB) has stood for over 150 years as a beacon of academic excellence and cultural significance. Established in 1873, UAPB has a rich history rooted in its founding as a Historically Black College and University (HBCU). Over the years, it has nurtured a vibrant campus community characterized by a tapestry of traditions that celebrate its heritage and foster a sense of belonging among students, faculty and alumni.


One of the most cherished traditions at UAPB is its annual Homecoming Celebration. Each fall, alumni from far and wide return to their alma mater known as “Dear Mother” to reconnect with old friends, relive fond memories and cheer on the Golden Lions. From spirited parades to electrifying football games, Homecoming Week is a time-honored tradition that unites past and present members of the UAPB family in a joyous display of school pride and camaraderie.

Founders’ Week

Founders’ Week holds a special place in the hearts of the UAPB community as a time of reflection and reverence for the visionaries who laid the foundation for the institution. This solemn occasion commemorates the university’s founding and pays tribute to its pioneering leaders who courageously established an educational legacy that continues to shape the lives of generations. Through ceremonies, campus and citywide celebratory events and inspirational speeches, Founders’ Week serves as a reminder of UAPB’s enduring commitment to academic excellence and social progress.

Freshman Week

Every semester, the Golden Lion family works together to welcome freshmen to the PRIDE lands. Led by the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership, Freshman Week includes a variety of activities that are designed to help students engage with fellow students, get to know our campus community, and begin their experience of life on the yard.

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