“TRIO has been crucial in helping me shape my goals for college and my career. The academic advice and mentorship I received have enhanced my overall educational experience by offering insightful advice on future job routes. The program’s focus on holistic development has helped me achieve my long term professional goals by boosting my confidence and felling of purpose and improving my academic status.”

2024 UAPB Arkansas TRIO Hall of Famer

Janiya Fellows

Major: Social Work

“TRIO SSS to me means unity . TRIO has helped me learn more about the college setting, being a first-generation student. Initially, it was hard learning the ropes but TRIO made sure I had what I needed to continue on successfully as well as introduce me to developmental skills I would need eventually, later on down the line. While also gaining a family of people I know that are always rooting for me. I am very grateful to have experienced a program as amazing as this one #WELOVETRIO”

Mari’Neisha Hardrick

Major : Multimedia Communications

“I am a sophomore, biology premed major and am very appreciative of the opportunities provided by TRIO SSS.  Being in TRIO, I was taken to Houston to tour Texas Southern University. During the tour, I was also able to gain insight into the local life and environment. TRIO has also given me an opportunity to gain employment for a semester while in college.”

Solomon Shorter II

Major: Biology Pre-Med

University of Arkansas Pine Bluff