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Industrial Technology Management and Applied Engineering

Industrial Technology Management and Applied Engineering is a field of study designed to prepare technical and/or technical management-oriented professionals for employment in business, industry, education, and government. Industrial Technology graduates obtain a sound knowledge and understanding of a variety of skills which may include but are not limited to the following areas: material and production processes, industrial management and human relations, principles of distribution, design, safety, automation and electronics. They also acquire a thorough understanding of the theories and the ability to apply the principles and concepts of mathematics, science and the application of computer fundamentals.

The Industrial Technology Management & Applied Engineering Department offers a Baccalaureate Degree. The curriculum is designed for preparation of graduates to plan, design, manufacture, manage, research, and solve complex technical and managerial problems in the workplace. The academic experience of Industrial Technology majors blends comprehensive general education courses and extensive laboratory experience with industrial operations. In addition, the Department is accredited by the Association of Technology, Management and Applied Engineering (ATMAE). All majors must complete core/major courses and technical electives with a grade of “C” or better.


1. To provide a general overall understanding of American and international industry, research, design, production, management and servicing
2. To provide each major with a firm understanding of modern technological practices and procedures used by industry
3. To provide each major with a solid foundation of the various industrial areas that will prepare the student for a position in corporate America.
4. To provide each student with a background in technical management and supervision
5. To instill in each student an appreciation of the American work ethic and for completing tasks with pride and on time.
6. To provide students with “hands on” experience, using the latest traditional and high technological instrumentation, equipment and simulation software.
7. To provide students with personal, professional, academic and occupational advice for growth.

The sequence of classes in Industrial Technology Management & Applied Engineering is intended to give the student an opportunity to identify course requirements and to provide them with the skill sets needed to be a productive individual in today’s workforce.

General Program Requirements

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Technology Management & Applied Engineering is awarded to students who complete the outlined program of study and pass the English Proficiency Examination. Students must take the Comprehensive Examination the semester of graduation, maintain an overall grade point average of 2.00 and meet all other institutional and Departmental requirements. Students may pick up degree plans in the Chair’s Office, Room 100 - Rust Technology Hall.

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Industrial Technology, Management and Applied Engineering
1200 N. University Drive, Mail Slot 4987
Pine Bluff, AR 71601
Dr. Charles R. Colen,, Jr. - Chairperson