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The Division of Student Affairs takes a proactive stance in advancing the University's dedication to students and the continuing revitalization of its learner-center environment for students. Offering a variety of learning opportunities, real-life experiences, growth-related challenges, and in lessons outside the formal classroom setting, the divisional staff exists to serve students in developing life styles more supportive of their success both in their present learning environment and beyond. General indicators of student success from Divisional offerings are: thriving behavior, critical thinking, tolerance for individual differences, responsibility for one's actions, social civility, leadership development / teaming, and human rights.

The primary mission of the Division of Student Affairs is to develop, organize, administer, coordinate and monitor a variety of programs, activities, services, and experiences that will contribute positively to the academic, environmental, social and developmental growth for its diverse student body.  By the continuous monitoring of progress toward our mission, it is believed that assistance can be provided the individual student into the initial admission into the University setting, thereby effectively negotiating the academic curriculum with a minimum of difficulty and, ultimately, graduating from UAPB with skills both in intellectual competence and sound human relations.

Mr. Elbert Bennett, Vice Chancellor