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Mission Statement:
The Department of English, Humanities, and Foreign Languages, as part of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, believes it has an important role to play in the education of people who will shape the future of the state, the nation, and, indeed, the world. While technical skills in the areas of writing, self-expression and communication will certainly be of use to these future leaders, we believe, as practitioners of the liberal arts, that we must also encourage our students to develop the insight, understanding, and imagination that will allow them to use their skills creatively, productively, and responsibly in the setting and in accomplishment of their goals. As the goal of a liberal education is the establishment of a vibrant and just culture based on lifelong learning and teaching, we hope to give our students the skills and ability to transform themselves into their own teachers and then, either formally or informally, into teachers of others.

In order to accomplish the mission and vision of both the department and the university, the Department of English, Humanities, and Foreign Languages has set for itself the following goals and objectives:

*To provide students with basic training in the effective use of oral and written English 
*To acquaint students with major literary works of English and American authors and major European works in translation
*To offer students courses to enhance their appreciation of the aesthetic pleasure consonant with good literature
*To provide a program for those students desiring to teach in the secondary schools
*To provide a background for those intending to pursue graduate study in English 
*To service other departments which have courses in English as an integral part of their curricula
*To offer courses that will enable prospective secondary English teachers to obtain a detailed   understanding of how language functions
*To provide experiences that will enable prospective secondary English teachers to develop proficiency in oral and written expression
*To provide opportunities for prospective teachers to gain knowledge of the fundamental concepts and significant developments in literature and to understand the relationship of their major to other disciplines
*To provide prospective teachers with experiences that will increase their knowledge of the science and art of teaching language, composition and literature and increase their awareness and understanding of current trends in the teaching of English
*To provide the students with adequate tools for the development of reading skills in
languages other than English, especially Spanish
*To lay a foundation for the progressive development of oral and aural skills in these languages
*To develop a knowledge of and an appreciation for the cultures of other nations through historical and intellectual perspectives
*To enable students to develop an enduring philosophy of life based on higher values and ideas
*To provide students with a firm background in written and oral communication skills
*To provide students with a practical experience related to their chosen profession in addition to high quality classroom instruction
*To assist students in the formation of personal and professional goals which will benefit them throughout life and to assist them in beginning to actualize these goals
*To involve students in the presentation of quality theatrical productions for the university community

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Department of English, Humanities and Foreign Languages

Mr. Kevin Sanders
Interim Chair of Department of English, Humanities and Foreign Languages
& Interim Director of the Viralene J. Coleman Writing Center

Mrs. Tasha Strong
Administrative Specialist