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Department of Music: A Culture of Excellence

The Department of Music respects the African American musical traditions that have been its legacy, yet understands it is only among many that has transformed the face of American music. From Mozart to Mo-town and from Bebop to Hip-Hop, the Department's curriculum includes many musical traditions in order to produce a music professional uniquely qualified to address the needs of a multicultural society.

The Department of Music at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff is a recognized leader in music education. With undergraduate degrees in music education, with non-teaching and sound recording technology options, the Department is dedicated to preparing an economically and racially diverse population of students to meet the challenges of the future. Our faculty is second to none. With degrees from some of the most prestigious musical institutions and years of teaching and performing experience, they prepare the next generation to take their place among the leaders of the music profession.

Regularly scheduled master classes, workshops, recitals, and performances by our faculty and ensembles have made the Department of Music the resource and culture leader for the community. Our band and choir, through numerous appearances each year, have been nationally known and respected. However, we are most proud of our students.

Goals and Objectives of the Music Department

Goal 1. 

Prepare students to become licensed professional music educators by:  


Objective 1.1 Providing curricula and field experiences to prepare students to become teachers;

Objective 1.2 Providing performance and laboratory experiences to prepare students to lead an ensemble;


Objective 1.3 Developing general teaching competencies in curriculum development, methodology, pedagogy, selecting instructional materials, and assessment; and


Objective 1.4 Introducing students to computer assisted software available for music instruction.

Goal 2.

Prepare sound recording technology professionals by:


Objective 2.1 Offering a curriculum that provides the knowledge base and skill sets to adapt to a changing professional environment;


Objective 2.2 Providing pre-professional experiences and internships with area professionals; and


Objective 2.3 Offering workshops, clinics, and seminars led by industry professional that address current technological changes.

Goal 3. 

Prepare students for graduate and professional studies in music by:


Objective 3.1 Providing students with a broad liberal arts education that will prepare them to conduct research in music;


Objective 3.2 Preparing students to perform at a level expected of independent music professionals; and


Objective 3.3 Preparing students to be computer literate.

Goal 4.

Provide future music professionals with basic skills in music technology by:


Objective 4.1 Providing practical experiences utilizing technologies available in the typical classroom;


Objective 4.2 Requiring students to become familiar with age-appropriate music software; and


Objective 4.3 Providing workshops, tutorials, and seminars in various technologies.

Goal 5.

Create an environment that fosters a culture of excellence among a heterogeneous clientele by:


Objective 5.1 Encouraging and supporting professional development of faculty;


Objective 5.2 Encouraging and supporting professional development of students; and


Objective 5.3 Establishing standards for excellence through assessment and using results to improve instruction.

Goal 6.

Make our faculty, ensembles, and facilities available as a resource for the community by: 


Objective 6.1 Offering workshops, master classes, lectures, concerts, and recitals to the public; and


Objective 6.2 Providing access to library holdings.

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