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Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction has as its major function the professional preparation of licensed teachers at the elementary, middle and secondary levels.  The programs lead to the Bachelor of Science degree and Master of Education degree.   To meet and carry out these functions, the department offers a strong Teacher Education Preparation Program recognized by the Arkansas Department of Education, the Arkansas Department of Higher Education and the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation, CAEP. Additionally, the department offers a non-licensure degree program in Rehabilitation.  Programs are being revised due to Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education for Teacher Licenses.

Teacher Licenses have changed.  Elementary Education, K-6 grades, is up and operational.  This is our most popular teacher education program.  Special Education as an undergraduate program is active since Fall 2015.  Middle Childhood Education, Grades 4-8, will allow an individual to choose two areas of concentrations from Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science.
 Secondary Education programs are within the specialty areas such as Math or Biology. Art, Music, and Health and Physical Education are certified K-12 grades.

The ACT/SAT is not required for a student’s Admission to the School of Education Educator Preparation Program (EPP). However, a student’s  ACT/SAT score may be used to determine his/her specific services needed to pass the state mandated assessments for the Pearson and/or Praxis exams.


Human Sciences Education .pdf   Chemistry Teaching.pdf
Art Education.pdf    K-6 Elementary Education .pdf
   Business Technology Education.pdf   Life Science Education - Biology.pdf
   Chemistry Teaching.pdf   Math Education.pdf
   Rehabilitative Services   Music Education.pdf
    English Education.pdf    Social Studies Education.pdf Special Education .pdf    Middle Level .pdf

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Graduate Programs

The mission of the School of Education Graduate Programs is to offer advanced programs in professional education that lead to improved classroom instruction and prepares responsible, productive citizens, and prospective change agents in the field of education with the knowledge, skills and disposition that will enable them to meet the educational challenges of an ever-changing educational field.  Find out about admission requirements and application process. Learn more
The major function of the School of Education Graduate Programs is the advanced preparation of teachers for the improvement of classroom instruction in preschool through high school.
The four areas of preparation include the following:

Master of Education in Elementary Education
Master of Education in Secondary Education (Four Specialties)     

 •        English Education
 •        Mathematics Education
 •        Science Education
 •        Social Studies Education
  Master of Arts in Teaching (Four Specialties)
 •        Board Range 
 •        Elementary Level Education
 •        Middle-Level Education
 •        Secondary Level Education

The School of Education Graduate Programs is one of the three graduate programs in the Division of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education.

Dr. Adrienne Robinson Ms. Denika Smith
Associate Professor/Rehabilitation Coordinator Administrative Specialist III
Graduate Programs Graduate Programs
(870) 575-8242 (870) 575-7974

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Faculty and Staff

 Faculty  Faculty  Staff
Dr. Vera Lang-Brown
        Chair, Associate Professor
    (870) 575-8275        

Dr. Glenda Kennedy

(870) 575-8247

 Ms. Mitzy Allen
 Learning Plus Lab/Matriculation Coordinator
  (870) 575-8110
Dr. Bettye Wright
  Associate Professor
 (870) 575-8244
Mrs.Wille Mae Hobbs
Coordinator of Field Experience/Director of Student Teaching/Licensure Officer
Ms. Denika Smith
Administrative Assistant III: Graduate Programs
(870) 575-7974

Mrs. Andreyetta Dennis
(870) 575-7010

Dr. Adrienne Robinson
Associate Professor/Graduate Coordinator
(870) 575-8242
Ms. Tina Fletcher
Research Associate
(870) 575-8246
Dr. Wanda Newell
Interim Dean
(870) 575-8057 
Dr. Nita Bohannon
Assistant Professor
Assistant Director, US Prep Initiative
(870) 575-8989 

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Courses & Books

Course Descriptions for the Curriculum and Instruction Courses

Rehabilitative Services

Text Book Companies

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UAPB Rehabilitation Services Program


The Department of Curriculum and Instruction Rehabilitation Services program’s mission is to prepare students to provide quality vocational rehabilitation and counseling services to persons with disabilities. The academic program consists of a CORE modeled Undergraduate Rehabilitation Services Program.

Rehabilitation Services Courses.docx
Rehabilitation Servicesdegree plan2019-2020.pdf



The rehabilitation counselor assesses the types of services and then coordinates services for people with disabilities during the entire rehabilitation process. Vocational rehabilitation counselors meet with the client to determine the primary cause for the client’s inability to work. After determining the impediment to employment how it is affecting the individual’s capacity for work, the counselor works with the client toward achieving a successful outcome


Rehabilitation counseling is a systematic process which assists persons with physical, mental, developmental, cognitive, and emotional disabilities to achieve their personal, career, and independent living goals in the most integrated setting possible through the application of the counseling process. The counseling process involves communication, goal setting, and beneficial growth or change through self-advocacy, psychological, vocational, social, and behavioral interventions.







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