The GASP is a 100% online program that does not require that students complete any requirements on-campus.

The GASP faculty consists of three full-time professors, each with specializations in the prevention, treatment, or research of substance use disorders.

GASP students gain classroom, internship, and research experience in substance use disorders. GASP faculty are available to guide students in these areas.

The GASP coursework meets educational requirements for becoming certified and licensed as a substance use counselor in Arkansas and certified as a substance use prevention professional in Arkansas.



The GASP is preparing substance use professionals who make a difference in their chosen communities.


People who see the destruction caused by substance use disorders and have a desire to help, will gain the needed education.


GASP provides state-of-the-art treatment and prevention to individuals, families, and communities.

Degree Options

  • Master of Science Degree in Addiction Studies
University of Arkansas Pine Bluff