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Ways to Give

There are many ways to invest in students at UAPB, find out which initiative works best for you.

University's Highest Priorities
State appropriations do not cover the entire cost of educating students at UAPB.  We urgently need Unrestricted funds that can be placed in crucial need areas. Such needs fluctuate, and targeted funds are made available as the demand occurs.  Annually, this fund provides scholarships, awards and other financial support to students who meet with unexpected emergencies.  In the past, donations to the University’s Highest Priorities (UHP) have provided over $100,000 in direct assistance to students.

General Scholarships
Establishing a General Scholarship Fund (non-endowed) is one way alumni and friends can help UAPB fulfill its mission of providing educational opportunities to students who may not have the resources to enjoy the benefits of higher education. The award is based on your annual donation and will last for the duration of your contribution. For more information click here.

Endowed Scholarships
Endowments are established for the sole purpose of yielding annual income perpetually that will be awarded to deserving UAPB students. Endowments are created by individuals, families, and/or corporate donors who seek to remember, honor, and/or pay tribute to an individual or entity. Endowments are also created by individuals or entities who want to create a living legacy that spans generations or enhance the institution by supporting its students. Each year approximately 4.75% of the money in the endowment is available to award as scholarships. For more information here.

Endowed Scholarships
The Hartfield Initiative
The Lifeline Endowed Scholarship

Funds may also be earmarked for the Alumni Scholarship Endowment. Persons interested in the Alumni Scholarship Endowment should contact the Office of Alumni Affairs at (870)575-8499.

Multi-Purpose Endowments
Multi-purpose endowments provide for the long range development of UAPB programs and activities through the accumulation of corpus that will generate income to fund student awards, scholarships, and revolving loans; instructional equipment and supplies; and extracurricular programs and activities. As with scholarships, each year approximately 4.75% of the money in the endowment is available to be awarded.

UAPB Giving QR Code

UAPB Giving QR Code.  Donate by simply pointing your phone's camera at the QR code and it will take you to our online giving form.