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Welcome to the Department of Biology


The Department of Biology provides a rigorous program for academic instruction in the biological sciences for students from all socioeconomic levels of the population.  The program prepares students for graduate/professional programs and productive entry-level employment.


The Department of Biology aims to meet the objectives listed below:

1. Provide students with a knowledge of biological principles so they may be able to understand these principles and their inter-relatedness within the context of current biological thinking.

2. Recognize and prepare students for graduate work and research careers in the biological science.

3. Recognize and prepare students for careers in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, health and allied health professions and teaching.

4. Provide the education of students who major in biology, but desire to teach in secondary schools.

5. Provide students with opportunities and experiences that may enable them to develop competency in oral and written communications of biological information using an acceptable scientific format.

6. Provide knowledge and experiences in the biological sciences as a foundation for students who are pursuing other science majors.

Curriculum plans

Biology Non-Teaching | Biology/Science Education Teaching/Earth Life Science