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Welcome to the Department of Art and Design

Our Mission

The Department of Art and Design exists to prepare talented students for professional and teaching careers in the visual arts, and through a strong foundational program that combines teaching excellence with individual attention and a commitment to build academic success in a creative, stimulating and rapidly changing environment. The department’s historical legacy of providing the underserved population continues to nurture and develop scholars into positive and socially responsible graduates who affect change in the workplace and the community.  The department is committed to preserving and enriching the appreciation of the arts throughout the community and beyond the state while gaining national and international exposure.

Degree Programs

The Department of Art offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Art, with a curriculum for Visual Art (non-teaching and a curriculum in Art Education (teaching). The curriculum in visual arts is designed to prepare students for graduate or professional school and to meet the market needs in commercial or fine arts. The curriculum leading to teaching certification is designed for those students who wish to pursue a career in teaching in the elementary and secondary schools.

General Departmental Requirements

  1. Art majors should acquaint themselves with the institutional requirements and the requirements of the department.
  2. The department assigns all art majors a faculty advisor and expects all art majors to consult their advisor prior to registering each semester.
  3. Art majors must take a drawing or painting course each semester until they complete all required courses.
  4. The department reserves the right to keep students’ work produced in the studio classes for exhibition and demonstration purposes.
  5. The department advises all art majors to select a strong minor area of study.
  6. The art education major must meet the requirements for admission to the teacher education program. (See Admission to the School of Education)
  7. All art majors with 30 hours from graduation must meet with the art faculty for a senior review and to discuss final details for their senior exhibition.

Requirements for B.S. in Art Education

The Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education focuses heavily on the student’s knowledge of art and art production, and on the articulation of that knowledge. Degree requirements include 50 hours in art (art studio, art history, art education) and 77 hours in professional education, general education, and institutional requirements. Prior to graduation, all art education students must present a comprehensive slide portfolio of work produced during the last two years of enrollment.
Students majoring in Art Education must make a formal written application to Teacher Education (see criteria for admittance listed under Admission to the School of Education.) Students are strongly urged to meet with their advisor, and then with an advisor in the School of Education early in their program. Required tests (Praxis Series) and scores, and other School of Education requirements for licensure will be clearly delimited at this time.
Students following the Art Education curriculum must take a comprehensive diagnostic examination prior to graduation. For guidelines concerning the comprehensive examination and portfolio, student should consult their advisor.

Requirements for B.S. in Visual Arts

The Bachelor of Science degree with concentration in Visual Arts requires a minimum of seventy-seven (77) hours credit in art-related or studio courses, plus forty-nine (49) hours of general education and institutional required courses. Each student following this curriculum is required to present a one-person show and an approved portfolio of the most outstanding works produced for completion of degree requirements.

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