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Navigating the Yard Workshop Series

Academics    Self-Development   Wellness    Engagement
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 A Bad Semester Doesn't Make
You a Bad Student
Face-to-Face: How to Meet with
Your Professors
Note Taking
Read Between the Lines
Start Your Semester with a BANG!!
S.T.A.R. Students Taking Academic Responsibility
Study Smarter, Not Harder
Test Taking Strategies
Read Between the Lines
  Build Your Social Confidence
and Self Confidence
Combating Procrastination: A Recipe for Success
Diversity and Inclusion
Imperfect Grammar
Let's Get Serious
What's Next After Graduation?
Building Your Resilience
Stop the Drama
De-stress: Walk and Explore
Nutrition: A Core Ingredient to a Healthy You
$mart from the $tart - Financial Wellness I & II 
  Community Service/Volunteer Orientation
Get Involved @UAPB 
How to Make Better Grades
  Personal Development Videos   Health and Wellness Videos   Community Engagement Videos
How to Study Effectively:
8 Advanced Tips
  Inside the Mind of a Master
  Why We All Need to
Practice Emotional First Aid
  How Great Leaders Inspire Action
The Most Powerful Way to
Remember What You Study
10 Study Tips for Earning an
A on Your Next Exam