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A series of workshops are provided to our students, and are scheduled across the entire semester. Check below for workshop topics and upcoming dates for the fall semester. Contact Dr. Angela Andrade at for more information. 


Graduate School Application Overview 

This is a quick overview of all the aspects of applying and gaining acceptance into graduate school (finding schools, contacting professors, visiting schools, etc.). It is suggested that this workshop is attended first, as the subsequent workshops delve more deeply into the components covered in the overview. 

Date: TBD


GRE Essentials

This workshop focuses on learning the components of the Graduate Record Examination, going over sample questions, learning how to prepare, and obtaining study resources. 

Date: TBD


Finding Schools and Getting Attention

Learn how to find schools that work for you, contact professors and make an impression at your prospective schools, and get great letters of recommendations.

Date: TBD


Drafting Workshop

This workshop goes over how to make yourself stand out on a curriculum vitae and personal statement, and provides the resources for preparing a draft for each student. 

Date: TBD

UAPB's office of Career Services is a fantastic resource for our students. The consultants will help provide you with resources for building your resume, research, internships, cooperative education, part-time and permanent job opportunities. 

The V. J. Coleman Computerized Writing Lab offers individualized help with writing. The consultants can help you compose academic papers, format using APA style, and more. Contact Ms. Sheena Meadows, Director at (870) 575-8619, or stop by Corbin Hall, room 205.