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Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Program offers a course of study to prepare the pre-service student for entry into an occupation related to criminal justice. The program offers an introduction to the study of crime and its causes, the law enforcement system and the judicial system. Through an academic program of integrated, interdisciplinary sequence of courses in the behavioral and social sciences, in-service students can broaden their skills and direct their talents and occupational interests. By choosing appropriate criminal justice electives, students can concentrate in one of two areas of specialization – law enforcement or corrections.


1. To prepare students for employment in law enforcement and/or criminal corrections.

2. To aid employed law enforcement and correctional officers in achieving professional growth and competence while preparing them for positions of increasing responsibility.

3. To educate students seeking an understanding of the processes in the administration of justice as a cultural part of their higher education.

The Criminal Justice Program requires a minimum of 120 semester hours for a Bachelor of Arts degree. These include general education and institutional requirements, criminal justice required courses and criminal justice electives. A major in criminal justice requires 21 semester hours of core course work.