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Agricultural Economics program equips students with business and analytical skills to solve problems in agriculture and related businesses and communities. This program helps students understand economic principles and public policy and how they are related to our everyday life.

Common career options for graduates of these programs are as a Sales Representative, Food Safety Inspector, Agricultural Commodity Trader, Statistician, Soil Conservationist, Human Resources Specialist, Loan Officer, Economist, Farm Credit Manager, Extension Agent, Marketing Specialist and Entrepreneur. The skills gained in these programs are also transferable to many industries other than agriculture. For more information, view the Agricultural Economics curriculum.

Faculty Members

Dr. Ranjitsinh Mane

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Agricultural Business deals with the financial and management aspects of the food and fiber industry. This includes the production, processing and marketing of agricultural products. This program combines knowledge of business and agricultural sciences into a broad area of study that gives students several career options. It can be thought of as the business side of agriculture. For more information, view the Agricultural Business curriculum.

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The plant science option prepares students for careers in natural resources conservation, Cooperative Extension, forestry, agricultural industry, crop consultancy, fruit and vegetable production, nursery management and related areas.

Graduates are prepared to pursue advanced degrees that may lead to careers in biotechnology, plant breeding and plant nutrition. Students in the plant science option may concentrate in agronomy (soil and field crops) or horticulture (fruit and vegetables). They take courses in crop improvement, crop production, pest management, soils environmental science and computer sciences. For more information, view the Plant and Soil Science curriculum.

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The animal science option prepares students for admission to graduate and veterinary schools. It also prepares individuals for professional employment as meat inspectors, laboratory technicians, extension agents and production animal agriculturists.

Junior and senior level students take courses in the physiology of reproduction, quality assurance of meat products, animal nutrition, poultry production, livestock production and other animal sciences related courses. Pre-veterinary science students take additional courses that meet the specific admission requirements for veterinary colleges of their choice. For more information, view the Animal Science curriculum.

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